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About Underwater World Pattaya

Are you looking for a family friendly destination to spend your vacations? Do you want a break from the hustle bustle of everyday life? Book the underwater world Pattaya tickets and have a gala time amid the beautiful sea creatures at underwater world Pattaya.

The underwater World Pattaya is the perfect place to escape the chaos of daily life. From the species of shallow waters to the exotic underwater habitats, the underwater world has it all. Sightseeing amid the blue waves is all about witnessing the rich biodiversity of the ocean. The underwater world Pattaya is home to more than 4000 marine animals beginning from jellyfish to coral-colored fishes and sharks. Walking through the tunnel is therefore a wonderful experience. One can witness the beauty of the marine world throughout the tunnel.

With jellyfish dancing gracefully and a dozen other marine species frolicking for your sightseeing, the underwater world Pattaya is worth all the hype, especially if you are a sea lover. Apart from being a perfect escape from the chaos of central Pattaya, the underwater world Pattaya offers an educational look at marine life. The massive aquarium is thus a major tourist attraction in Pattaya. It is the most modern and largest aquarium in Asia.

  • The tickets hold the keys to exploring the first modern aquarium in Thailand and the largest one in Asia. The aquarium is spread across a massive area of 4.75 acres. Imagine walking amid the waves - refreshing experiences on the show!

  • With 5000 aquatic species, the entire aquarium is divided into six different enticing zones. The underwater world Pattaya tickets thus bring you the opportunity to know more about marine life. The aquarium is divided in such a way that breaks the monotony of sightseeing. Walking through the aquarium offers insightful sightseeing. It's not just the sea creatures all at once but different sections and varieties of creatures at a time.

  • The touch pool as the name suggests gives a chance to touch the marine animals. You can now touch starfish and sea cucumbers and feel them with your fingers.

  • There are feeding programs inside the aquarium and you can also participate in the same. These fun activities await your presence. Book the underwater world Pattaya tickets now!

  • You can also have an interactive diving experience with the sharks and rays. Diving with sharks! Thrilling adventures awaiting you - the underwater world Pattaya is the perfect destination for adventure lovers. Dive deep into thrilling adventures with the underwater world Pattaya tickets. Book now!

Zones In The Underwater world Pattaya

The aquarium is divided into six zones to make sightseeing more exciting in the underwater world. Each zone unfolds a different marine world. From the coral reef zone where tropical fishes are found to the open ocean zone where sea predators await the visitors and everything in between, the aquarium unfolds sections that blend the beauty of underwater life with diversity.

Coral Reef Zone

As the name suggests, the zone is ornamented with several vibrant coral reefs and a massive tunnel. This zone is the home to various rare species of sea fish. One can witness several species of colorful corals and many tropical fishes like the shoals of giant trevally. The zone offers feeding shows to the visitors thereby creating a great show amid the blue waves. Vibrant colored corals with tropical fishes create a pleasing look. It looks like a world that glows amid the pastel hues. The coral reef zone is thus the most vibrant of all the six zones. Rare saltwater fishes like angelfish, Bluestreak, cleaner wrasse, butterfly fish, and more are also found in this region.

Freshwater Fish Zone

The freshwater fish zone is known for rare freshwater economic fishes of Thailand like the Mekong giant catfish, clown featherback, giant gourami, and tinfoil barb. These fishes gather together to create a perfect combination of diversity and beauty. This zone is also known as the Giant of Siam zone. The artificial shipwreck in this zone is home to marine animals and beautiful fishes. Sightseeing in the freshwater fish zone becomes quite interesting due to the view of the artificial shipwreck.

Reptiles Zone

One can witness a great variety of reptile species from all over the world in the reptile zone of the underwater world Pattaya. From bloating frogs and hissing snakes to the flaunting chameleons, the zone has it all. One can have the reptiles posing for pictures in this zone. The zone is the most picturesque one of all. The zone thus fascinates the visitors with several reptile species that swim across the blue world.

Touch Pool Zone

As the name suggests, the touch pool offers the visitors to interact and play with the marine animals at arm's length. The rocky pool creations are quite a sport for the visitors. The zone makes sightseeing enjoyable. The rock water creatures from the coal areas of Thailand reside here. One can have unique experiences in this zone, especially if kids are present around.

Open Ocean Zone

The open ocean zone is full of sharks and rays that float in the waters. One can stroll through the glass tunnels and have a view of these giant sea predators. The zone offers face-to-face interaction with these creatures through adventurous diving experiences. As the name suggests, the open ocean is meant for wild creatures that swim across the ocean openly. Large sea creatures like the round ribbontail ray, blacktip reef shark, a brown-banded bamboo shark, zebra shark, giant groupe, eagles ray and more dominate the zone. 

Magic Tank

This zone makes use of the mystical gravity interaction concept to excite the visitors. One feels bizarre on entering the zone due to the same. The oceanic tides create a wonderful look in this zone. The zone leaves the visitors mesmerised and accounts for a thrilling experience in the aquarium. One can touch and feel the smooth skin of the rare fishes in this zone. The experiences of this zone are quite exceptional in comparison to the other zones.

  • The underwater world Pattaya is home to several marine species. One can explore the vast marine world here.
  • The underwater world is a perfect family destination, especially if one is planning to go with the kids. It could be an exciting adventure trip for the family.
  • The coral oceans can serve as a refreshment to the soul. One can seek calm in the underwater world. Visiting this place could be soothing amid the hustle-bustle of city life.
  • Apart from refreshments and other fun activities, the underwater world also provides an educational look at marine life. One can learn more about the rich biodiversity of ocean life at the aquarium. The insightful visit could enhance the knowledge of the visitor.

Know Before You Book Underwater World Pattaya Tickets

Essential Information

Location: Nongprue, Banglamung

Opening hours : 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM every day. 

Last admission: half an hour before the closing time.

Timings for feeding activity :

Moray Eel Tank: 2:00 PM onwards

Coral Reef Zone: 10:30 AM onwards (Morning slot) and 3:00 PM (Afternoon slot)

Open Ocean Zone: 11:00 AM (Morning slot) and 4:00 PM (Afternoon slot)

Giant of Siam Zone: 11:30 AM (Morning slot) and 3:30 PM (Afternoon slot)

  • All the belongings should be kept away from the waters.

  • Damaging the glass walls must be avoided at any cost, it can be dangerous.

  • One shouldn't perform any activity that makes the reptiles aggressive. It could be dangerous. 

  • The animals must only be fed the food provided by aquarium authorities. It could harm the sea creatures. 

  • Photography is permitted in the aquarium but one must take care of making less use of flashlights. Many marine creatures could be light sensitive or become aggressive with the use of flashlights.

  • The underwater world Pattaya tickets promise an adventure tour backed by unique experiences but one must be careful while walking through the aquarium. Any damage to the sea creatures or the glasses could be highly dangerous.

  • Individuals above the height of 130cm must go for adult tickets, below 130 cm and above 90c must opt for child tickets. The underwater world Pattaya tickets are free of charge for children with a height below 90cm.


Can we feed animals inside Underwater world Pattaya?

Yes, we can feed animals inside the underwater World Pattaya. There are feeding activities organized in various zones. But it must be taken care that only the food provided by the authority must be fed. Eatables from outside aren’t allowed for sea creatures.

What is the minimum age required to book Underwater World Pattaya tickets?

For booking the underwater world pattaya tickets, one should have a minimum height of 90 cm. Below 90 cm individuals can enter free of cost.

How many species of fishes are there in the underwater world of Pattaya?

There are around 5000 fishes from 500 species in the underwater world of Pattaya as per the Thailand tourism directory’s official website

What is the best time to visit the underwater world of Pattaya?

The best time to visit the underwater world is at 9:00 AM. If one visits the aquarium at the opening time itself, there will be ample time to explore all the zones and participate in the fun activities.

Can we bring outside eatables to the underwater world Pattaya?

Food and beverages aren’t permitted inside the underwater World Pattaya.

What makes the underwater world of Pattaya so famous?

The impressive diversity of sea creatures displayed inside the 100m long glass tunnel makes the underwater world of Pattaya famous. It is the largest aquarium in Asia and the most modern one.

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