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About Teddy Bear Museum

The Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya is a fun filled and creatively organized Museum that will delight people of all age groups. This is a must-see attraction especially if you are visiting Pattaya with kids. It is the first Museum of its kind in Southeast Asia. The Museum has been creatively divided into fourteen zones and each zone represents a unique age in history and regions in the world. Here you will find beautifully sculpted replicas of the Inca Empire, the Ice Age, the dinosaur eras, discovering fossils, a fairytale zone, an art zone, etc.

Teddy bears of different sizes are dressed up in traditional costumes of the age they represent. Besides these, there are the zones that showcase different regions of the world such as the European zone, the African zone and the China zone. Unlike other museums the exhibits at the Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya are not kept in glass enclosures. Visitors can touch, hug and pose with the teddy bears and become part of the scenery. Each zone has a special corner that was created for visitors to click pictures and pose with the teddy bears. The museum also has a souvenir store where there are a variety of Teddy Bears and other items which you can purchase for yourself, your friends and family.

Why To Book Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya Tickets.

Book your Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya tickets online and enjoy excellent discounts and deals. Although the Museum has its own ticket counters, booking online is so much more convenient and you get your confirmation instantly. You would also avoid long queues at the ticket counters as you can enter directly with your digital tickets. If you want you can even get a printout of the tickets for easier entry. The best part about booking online is the fantastic discounts on your ticket price which you may not get at the Museum.

Highlights & Inclusions
  • The Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya is one of a kind Museum on teddy bears in all of Southeast Asia. The Museum has over 2000 teddy bears in all sizes wearing a variety of costumes.
  • There are altogether 14 zones in the museum which you can explore and take pictures in. The teddy bears are dressed according to the theme of the zone.
  • Unlike other museums you can touch, feel and pose with these teddy bears at the Teddy Bear Museum.
  • This is an excellent family friendly attraction and children would sure love to explore each zone in detail.
  • The Fairytales Zone has sliders, benches, mushroom houses and tree houses where children can play and be a part of the fairy tales they have heard so much about.
  • The Fossil zone has a sandy floor and toy digging tools are kept for children to pretend they are digging for fossils. There are fake fossils in the sand for children to discover.

  • Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya ticket price includes entry into the museum and access to all the 14 zones at the museum. You can touch, feel and pose with the teddy bears here. This is one of the most unique experiences in Thailand.

Zones In The Teddy Bear Museum

Inca Zone

the Inca zone represents the ancient culture of the Inca Empire which is one of the largest empires in South America. In this zone you will find teddy bears dressed in typical Inca tribe costumes placed carefully around very intricately designed props and backdrops. These are great spots to pose for insta-worthy photographs. The camel brother and The Lord of the kingdom are at the entrances to welcome you into the world of the Inca tribe.

Dinosaur Zone

This section has large sculptures of dinosaurs that walked the planet over 165 million years ago. There are several teddy bears dressed in different types of clothes , placed carefully across the exhibits. There is also a four- dimensional pond which is great to use as a backdrop for your photoshoots.

Fossil Zone

This zone replicates a site where fossils and dinosaur bones have been dug out. There are teddy bears dressed as workers, as paleontologists, etc. going about digging for dinosaur bones. The floor is made of sand and there are fake bones underneath. There are toy digging tools kept there for children to pretend they are digging for dinosaur bones. The children have a great time digging and they get really happy when they actually find the bones.

Africa Zone

This is another simulation zone that replicates the atmosphere of Africa. There are several animal dolls and a model Range Rover car parked here. This zone is a great backdrop for interesting pictures. The bears and different animal dolls depict different scenes. Animal dolls of the wooly mammoth, grizzly bears, gorillas, giraffe, tigers, African lions, elephants, and lots more are kept here along with teddy bears dressed in safari suits. Children can get inside the car and pretend to be in a jungle safari somewhere in Africa.

Under The Sea

This section features underwater scenes and brings to you a fantasy world of cities beneath the surface of the sea. The exhibits showcase lovely colorful fishes and different Marine animals. There are giant clams, large pink whales, gigantic blue monsters and many more with whom you can take lots of pictures.

Winter Zone

This zone replicates the North Pole region with white snow covering the entire floor and area around. There are igneous rock igloos placed strategically all around the area. The most striking feature of the section is a replica of Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper but this painting is depicted with teddy bears as Christ and his apostles. During Christmas this zone is converted into a typical Santa's workshop. The whole zone is decorated with Christmas decorations complete with a large Santa Claus, a gingerbread house and other festive decorations.

Space SuperHero Zone

This is also a simulation zone and depicts a scene in space where you will find several teddy bears representing different space and superhero characters. There are the Jedi Warriors from Star Wars, Batman, Superman and many other superheroes the children have loved and cherished over the years.

The Dream Zone

The dreamzone is the most spacious part of the museum. This section has scenes that have been recreated from fairy tale books. There are tree houses, unicorns, mushroom houses, scenes from the Little Riding Hood, etc. This is also one of the most favorite sections for kids as there are play areas and sliders where kids can have a great time pretending to be part of the fairy tale. There are benches on the side where parents can rest for sometime while the children enjoy their play. There are several teddy bears here dressed in different fairytale kind of clothes from soldier to prince to princess etc. Playing about in the Dream Zone is all included in your Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya tickets.

China Zone

This zone represents China and the teddy bears here are all dressed in traditional Chinese costumes. There are figures of Giants sleeping Pandas which are used as props for photoshoots. The zone represents the different cultures of China and some monuments of the region.

Europe Zone

The European zone takes you to the castles and lush green pastures of Europe. Teddy bears in different cultural costumes of different countries of Europe are placed around the section. This is a fun place for pictures.

Funny Zones

This zone is the most exciting and colorful zone of the Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya. It has bright colors and funny props. The best part about this zone is you can actually become part of the scenery when you click your pictures here. Teddy bears dressed as circus clown, or in cool casual etc are placed around this area. There is a park bench with a couple teddy bears sitting, you can share the bench and click pictures with the bears.

Art Zone

This art zone is filled with colorful and creative paintings with teddy bears in different forms. There are pop art style paintings, paintings of Rushmore Valley which are carved as teddy bears faces. The paintings and artworks showcase vibrant colors making this room an excellent place for insta-worthy pictures.

Why Visit The Teddy Bear Museum?

  • The Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya is truly worth a visit as it is the first and the only one of its kind in Asia.
  • The Museum houses over 2000 stuffed bears in varied sizes in a wide variety of costumes that represents the zones that they are kept in.
  • This is a perfect place for children to indulge in a lot of creative play.
  • The bears and other exhibits can be touched, hugged and clicked pictures making the visit a truly memorable experience for visitors.
  • Discover interesting stories about the most popular toy in the world, the teddy bear at the teddy bear Museum Pattaya.

Know Before You Visit Teddy Bear Museum

Essential Information
How To Reach Teddy Bear Museum
  • Visitors can present their mobile Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya tickets at the entrance ticket counter.
  • Do not carry sharp objects, alcohol, knife, lighter, etc inside the Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya.
  • Children under 3 feet tall can enter free of charge.
  • Safety protocols are to be followed and frequent hand sanitization should be done as many times as possible.
  • Face masks are mandatory in all public areas.
  • Spare at least two hours to explore all the zones at the Teddy Bear Museum.
  • There is a souvenir shop at the Museum from where you can buy gifts and other items for friends and family.
  • Your Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya tickets give you access to all the 14 zones of the museum

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit the Teddy Bear Museum is in the early hours of the morning or in the evenings. Mornings are cooler and there is less crowd between 9 to 10 am. In the evenings you can enjoy the sunset then step into the Museum. The last entry is at 8:30 pm.

Opening Hours:Daily 9 am to 10 pm

*Location *:Teddy Bear Museum436/49,1 Beach Road,Muang Pattaya Amphoe Bang,Lamung, Chang Wat, Chon Buri20150 Thailand.

The Teddy Bear Museum is located at the North end of Beach Road in the center of Pattaya town. You can reach here by tuk tuk, songthaew or by can via Circular Route that leads towards Beach Road.

By Bus: The Museum falls on a regular bus route and you can board the Baht Buses heading towards Beach Road. You need to get down at Soi 1 Beach Road.

Tips To Visit The Teddy Bear Museum

  • Make your visit memorable by clicking as many pictures as you want with your favorite teddy bears.
  • The Teddy Bear Museum is huge with multiple levels and several themed rooms so do remember to make enough time to explore all that it has to offer.
  • You might need an extra set of clothing while visiting the winter zone as the temperatures in this zone are lowered to replicate the frigid zone of the North Pole.
  • Do make time to visit the Gift Shop. It has a great collection of teddy bears and other items for you.


How long should one spend in the Teddy Bear Museum?

It would be best that you set aside 2 to 3 hours to tour all the 14 zones of the Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya especially if you are traveling with kids.

What makes the Teddy Bear Museum so popular in Pattaya?

The Teddy Bear Museum is a unique attraction and the only one of its kind in Southeast Asia. It holds over 2000 teddy bears and the Museum is spread over 2500 square meters. The Museum has 14 different zones depicting different eras in history and regions of the world. The teddy bears are dressed in costumes matching their zones. The bears in the Teddy Bear Museum can be held and clicked pictures as they are not kept in any glass boxes.

What is the best time to visit the Teddy Bear Museum?

The best time to visit the Teddy Bear Museum is in the early hours of the morning or in the evenings when there are less crowds and you can take your own time to explore each zone.

Can we carry outside eatables in the Teddy Bear Museum?

No, Outside food and beverages cannot be brought inside the Museum.

Is the Teddy Bear Museum an indoor place?

Yes, the Teddy Bear Museum is an indoor place with 14 different large zones that depicts teddy bears in different regions of the world and in beautifully designed costumes to match the zones.

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