About Pattaya Sheep Farm

Pattaya Sheep Farm is the biggest sheep farm nestled in Thailand and is popular as an amazing destination for family trips and tours. Divided into separate zones, the sheep farm fulfils all the needs and ticks off all the boxes for a perfect family vacation. No matter what age, gender, or group of people, Pattaya Sheep Farm tickets include something fun for everyone.

The sheep farm has beautiful scenery that will make for a perfect background of your trip with family and friends. Apart from sheeps, the farm is also home to Alpacas and sika deer. Visitors interact with these lovely creatures, feed them and can also get amazing pictures with them.

Divided into different zones like the Pet Farm, Game Zone , Bird Land and their newest addition - Town of fairy tales, the sheep farm has plenty of interactive experiences. Guests can enjoy petting the exotic animals in the Pet Farm, or enter in the large cages of the Birds at Bird land to interact. Kids and adults both will love meeting their favourite characters from childhood stories in the Town of Fairy Tales.

In addition, the sheep farm also has the animal show and a bird show, scheduled 5 times a day for guests to enjoy. Enjoy the birds and animals performing various cute acts and indulge in fun activities.

Why Book Pattaya Sheep Farm Tickets?

The Pattaya sheep farm tickets will let you enjoy a fun and interactive farm experience amidst some very beautiful backdrops. A great activity for the entire family to enjoy together, the Pattaya Sheep farm tickets provide access to the wonderful Pet Farm, Bird Land, and the kids favourite - Town of Fairy Tales. Booking online ensures that guests don't have to wait in a line, and also confirms the entry in advance for them to plan the day accordingly. 

  • Interact with amazing farm animals like Sika Deer, Alpaca, Pot bellied pigs at the greatest sheep farm with your Pattaya Sheep farm tickets. 
  • Watch exotic birds flying in their large cages surrounded by lush greens and beautiful landscape. 
  • Enjoy the lip smacking flavours of local dishes and cuisine at the Barn Steakhouse at Pattaya Sheep farm.
  • Let the kids interact with their favourite characters from children book stories at the Town of Fairy Tales. 
  • Your Pattaya Sheep farm tickets include access to the different zones and bird/ animal shows at the farm. 
  • Kids and adults can enjoy various games, trampoline and big air house at the game zone on the sheep farm. 
  • Watch the animals perform various acts and take part in fun competitions at the animal show scheduled 5 times a day. 
  • Guests can even feed the sheeps and get clicked with them while enjoying this fun experience. 

Attractions In Pattaya Sheep Farm

The Pattaya Sheep farm is an interactive experience for both kids and adults. Including various fun zones and adventurous experiences, the sheep farm has something for every age group and gender. Visitors get access to all the amazing zones and shows with their Pattaya Sheep farm tickets. Be it petting and feeding the sheeps at the Pet farm or meeting their favourite characters at the Town of Fairy Tales, kids especially love the vibrant and interactive ambiance of the farm. 

Pet Farm
Pet Farm

The Pattaya Sheep farm tickets give access to the amazing and unique experience at the Pet Farm. An interactive place, the pet farm is home to various kinds of exotic animals. This zone is popular among both the kids and the adults, as they watch the animals roaming around freely in the green zone. The experience is great for kids, as they learn a lot about these species and also get to interact with them, feed them and be around them. The staff at the farm takes care of the hygiene and safety of the visitors at all times. 

Game Zone
Game Zone

The game zone is an entertaining fun space for both kids and adults. The visitors can enjoy various games and activities such as the balloon lucky draw, doll shooting, trapshooting among many others. The kids will also love jumping, sliding and playing around in the gigantic air house and the trampoline that is placed in the game zone. The Pattaya Sheep farm tickets also give access to the exciting experience of taking a ride on the Ferris Wheel, from the top of which visitors will get to enjoy stunning views. 

Town Of Fairy Tales
Town Of Fairy Tales

The Town of Fairy tales is a recent addition to the interactive experiences in the sheep farm. The kids will love getting to meet the various characters from their favourite tales of the magical world. The town has set ups from a variety of famous childhood tales, as visitors will be fascinated by dwarfs' houses, Jack's beanstalk, a gigantic dragon, and the castle among other things. Parents can also let their kids play their favourite characters from the stories and get amazing pictures as they pose in their prince or princess outfits. 

Bird Land
Bird Land

The Bird land is another interactive zone included in the Pattaya Sheep farm tickets. The Bird land AHS various exotic birds nestled in the lush green landscape, in big cages that let them fly around all the time. Guests can interact with these birds inside their cages, with the help of the staff and guides. They can feed them and watch them prance around in their amazing surroundings. Guests can also click some great pictures with the birds while they are inside the cage and feeding them. Kids especially love this interactive experience of watching and feeding them up close.

Bird Show
Bird Show

The Bird Show is scheduled for 5 times a day at the sheep farm. A fun experience for kids and adults, all kinds of birds ranging from a parrot to the wise hornbill take part in this amazing show. They interact with the audience, perform various acts and show their talent in front of the visitors. Trained for such acts, the birds captivate everyone by their cuteness and skills. The show timings are fixed at 10.00 / 12.00 / 13.30 / 15.00 / 16.30 everyday. 

The Animal Show
The Animal Show

The farm animals are trained by the owners and staff to perform various amazing activities at the animal show. The cute and interactive animals, like the sheep, goats, geese and pot bellied pigs show their skills in a variety of acts as they compete and perform in front of the guests. Guests cheer for their favourite animal and kids love the entire experience as it is very vibrant, fun and colorful. The show is scheduled for 11:15/12:45/14:15/15:45/17:15 everyday. 

Know Before You Book Pattaya Sheep Farm Tickets

Essential Information
How To Reach
Essential Information

Location: 73/8 Moo. 3. Nongplalai district, Banglamung

Timings: 9 AM - 7 PM 

Best time to visit: The best time to visit the Pattaya Sheep farm is during the morning hours around 9 AM - 10 AM. This time the place is less crowded and guests can enjoy all the activities without any hassle. Also, during the day the temperature rises and it gets hard to enjoy the outdoors directly under the sun. 

Tips To Visit Pattaya Sheep Farm
  • It is advisable to avoid visiting the Sheep farm during the afternoon as the overhead sun and heat might not let visitors enjoy the outdoor experiences. 
  • Always wear sunscreen and stay hydrated as the Sheep farm activities mostly take place out in the open. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes as visitors will have to walk a lot on the farm itself. 
  • Do not feed anything to the animals without asking the staff and getting their approval about its safety first. 
  • Visit the farm in the early hours to get a more relaxed and fun experience, as it is less crowded and you won't have to wait in lines. 
  • It's best to make your booking online and get the admission tickets beforehand to plan the trip accordingly. 


 Can we feed the animals inside Pattaya Sheep Farm?

    Yes, visitors can feed the various animals and birds inside the Pattaya sheep farm. At the Pet Farm and Birds Land, staff will help the guests to get up close to the animals and birds and feed them. Kids will especially love this interactive experience and make sure to click pictures while they are doing it. 

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