Dirt Biking in Pattaya

About Dirt Biking In Pattaya

Dirt biking adventure in Pattaya is one of a kind adventurous experience mixed wholly with discovering new landscapes in the countryside of the city. The dusty long tracks in the countryside of Pattay along the lush green plantations, rough trails of the jungle single-tracks, stream crossings etc., make the rides even more thrilling and exciting.

The riders feel an adrenaline rush when they unsurpassed adventure awaiting to be explored in the rocky rutted hill side climbs, creeks and even waterfalls. Riders of every sort like beginner, novice, experienced as well as the expert are welcomed to enjoy dirit biking. They are always invited to hop on the most amazing motocross bikes of Kawasaki and Honda and sprint through the deep sandy trails.

The dirt biking tour would take riders along the flat open dirt roads while passing through the lush green plantations of the countryside in Pattaya. They would engulf the feeling of excitement, passing through the obstacle of a mud filled dusty track which challenges all the riders of the riding skills. Simultaneously, they would sniff in the freshness of the farms and lush green plantations in the countryside.

Riders can go more and more adventurous on a massive array of different types of trailing tracks available. The highlight of the tour is the track upto the top of a mountain, while the track would check a rider’s riding skills at par, the end destination would let them adore the splendid beauty of the fields of Pattaya.

  • Trail over the toughest riding tracks of Thailand's only world class dirt biking adventure in Pattaya. 
  • Choose yourself a suitable bike from a range of options available for all sorts of riders be it a beginner, novice, experienced or an expert. Get a hold over the controls of the bikes by training overself before the adventure begins.  
  • Experience the thrill of riding a bike through the difficult and challenging trails and enjoy the adventure under the guidance of some amazing trainers. 
  • Ride an amazing rental bike through the scenic beauty of Thailand which would include pineapple, tapioca, rubber tree, palm oil and eucalyptus plantations.

Available Dirt Biking Tour Options

Half Day Tour

The different dirt biking tour options available for riders are Half day tour, full day tour, two day tour and three days tour. On the half day tour check your riding skills on the flat open dirt roads while passing through the lush green plantations of the countryside in Pattaya. Enjoy a full day adventure on a massive array of different types of trailing tracks. The highlight of this long day tour is the trailing upto the top of a mountain from which can be adored the splendid beauty of the fields of Pattaya. On the 2 and 3 day long tours explore the different locations of countryside not only the rough terrains but also the cultural sites like that of the temple of Wat Yansangwararam. 

Full Day Tour

Save yourself a day while in Thailand to enjoy the world of riding a massive array of diverse terrain and varied trails. The tour is spectacular not only for the thrill it brings when riding down the difficult terrains but also due to the possible encounter of an array of free roaming strange jungle animals, vivid colours, unique smells and sights, which riders would take their bikes through on this day. Take yourself to the top of a mountain peak where on a clear day the 360° views of the nearby villages and plantations are simply stunning. The tour would start off at 10:00 AM and would continue till 05:00 PM, with a lunch break arranged at 01:00 PM. To freshen yourself after a dusty ride the facility of showers is also arranged.

3 Days Tour

On this spectacular 3 day tour one will experience totally different each day's ride and they would be carried along the new trails, new terrain, incredible new sights and a variety of delicious eating venues. Everyday riders would be picked up from their respective places of accommodation at 9:30 AM and would be dropped off at their location around 6:00 PM after serving an ice cold beer. Day 1 of the tour would be Pattaya Enduro Adventure tour, a full day of extreme adventure and excitement. Day 2 would take you through the gold plated temple of Wat Yansangwararam, Silver Lake and Big Buddha Mountain surrounded by its Italian inspired huge vineyard. On the last day, enjoy the amazing thick jungle trails, motocross tracks and waterfall. These lush green tracks are the most sensational single track trails to be found in Thailand.

Best Bikes For Dirt Biking Tour In Pattaya

Kawasaki KLX 250 cc

The bikes with an engine of 250 cc are as strong as tanks, fantastic suspension, super comfy to ride and deliver fantastically smooth throttle power. It’s a dual purpose bike which gives an equally good and strong performance both on- and off-road which appeals to riders of various skill levels. The smooth acceleration and strong torque would take you through rugged terrain as smoothly and the crisp button responsive power of the bike would take you through the streets or the trails. The bikes even have an exceptional ground clearance and adjustable front and rear suspension.  

Honda CRF 250 cc

It’s a powerful and off-road special motorcycle producing a maximum of 23 BHP and its 250cc, liquid cooled, reliable and bomb proof engine produces a torque of 22 Nm. It has a fuel tank of 7.7 litres . The bike has been designed to be an economical dual-sport which can be taken along the off-road excursions as well as for a trip to towns in the morning. It has a modifiable injection, camshaft, excellent throttle assembly, good clutch plates and upgraded rear shocks, and various other features that make it a suitable bike for riding on dusty roads. 

Honda CRF 300 cc

The 300 cc, liquid-cooled single with 4 valves/cylinders that makes it the perfect bike for rough terrain of countryside. It has a high horsepower of 22.7 hp to throw a good torque in the muddy trails. Its steel frame makes it a light weight vehicle which seems to be perfectly suitable for riding.  

Honda CRF250r

 These racing bikes are allowed to be used only by the MX customers with prior experience in riding the bikes and might have participated in races. These bikes are designed such that their conditions can be adjusted as per the dusty tracks and to increase the controls to ensure safety. This full on motocross bike has an engine of 250 cc

KTM EXC-F 350 cc

 The high powered engine bike is available only for Level 3(experienced) and Level 4(expert) riders. The bike is extremely suitable for not only rigid and rough tracks but it will also hold a good grip over the slope mountains. On booking the tour online one might receive an extra 10% discount over the rent prices.  

Kawasaki KLX 150 cc

This particular model of Kawasaki has a bit of a higher seat to help the rider push with a higher torque. Its good engine capacity, fuel capacity and comfortable suspension delivery gives it a smooth power required during the trail through dense canopies of Pattaya. The bike is perfect for those newly introduced to bike racing. 

Kawasaki KLX 140 cc

Another model of Kawasaki which is a mini MX bike for a good riding experience as the physics of the engine built allows the analysis of motor dynamics through motions easily. The bike is built with an electric start and a medium gear ratio which will allow the lighter riders to enjoy the MX tracks

Kawasaki KLX 125 cc

Hop on these lighter weight and lighter engine bikes to track the length of the sloppy mountains. It’s a perfect option for shorter rides, beginners would find themselves comfortable enough on the bike to enjoy the track and not worry about the bike. Teenagers can join over ther trial with their families on these bikes as well. 

  • Train yourself in bike riding for 30 to 60 minutes if you’ve not ridden a geared motorcycle before.
  • Do specify your riding level in the “required information” section during the booking process, as the dirt biking tour is customised according to your riding ability.
  • Check out the enduro madness site to know ‘how to rate your bide riding skill levels’. 
  • Pay attention to the guidelines given by the instructor before and after the activity.
  • Don’t consume heavy food or alcoholic beverages before and after the activity. 

Know Before You Go for Dirt Biking in Pattaya

Essential Information

Location- 22/6 Moo 6, Pong, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

Timings- The set of timings for each tour has been mentioned as following: 

Half Day Tour- The tour starts off in two sessions: Morning Tour at 10:00 AM and the afternoon tour at 2:30 PM. 

Full Day Tour- From 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

3 Days Tour- Everyday, the trail would start at 10:00 AM and finish off around 05:00 PM 

Best Time To Visit- The best time to take a visit to arrange yourself a bike riding tour is around the months of November and May when the weather is usually calm and all shiny in Pattaya. The visibility is also better and the scenic beauty is at its peak during these months. 


Can beginners do dirt biking in Pattaya?

Yes, the dirt biking tours are arranged even for the beginners. They can take a 30-60 minutes long training to get familiar with the types of tracks and control of the bikes. 

Do we require a licence to do dirt biking in Pattaya?

No, one doesn’t need a licence to do dirt biking in Pattaya as it’s a recreational activity performed under the strict guidance of the experts in the outskirts of the countryside. Participants would be required to provide sufficient credentials of their riding skills. 

What is the best time to do dirt biking in Pattaya?

The best time to plan a dirt biking adventure in Pattaya would be during the months of November to May when the weather is calm and soothing. The scenic beauty in the surrounding area is at its peak during the season as well. 

What makes dirt biking activity so popular in Pattaya?

The range of tours, arranged for beginner, novice, experienced or an expert on the difficult terrains of Pattaya make it the activity so popular. All the tours are performed with all security in the strict watch of the guides. The thrill of the dirt biking adventure in Pattaya makes it an inexplicable experience and a lifetime opportunity. 

Can we wear a backpack while doing dirt biking in Pattaya?

Yes, the organisers themselves would provide a backpack along with other security equipment like safety gear boots, body armour, gloves, helmet, etc. The backpack would be packed with water bottles, meds and other essential items. The tour would have a break to enjoy a meal amidst the track to relax before setting off on another tour session.  

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