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About Ramayana Water Park

The Ramayana water park Pattaya is a phenomenal attraction and the biggest water park in Thailand. It is also one of the largest theme parks in Southeast Asia. The park offers 21 unique rides and water slides that have been specially designed for the Ramayana water park. These rides fall under different thrill levels and you can choose them based on your own comfort levels.

If you like extreme thrills and excitement then you can choose the Mat Racer, Python Aqua loop, Aqua Coasters, Boomerango, and Freefall. Aqua Play, Aqua Splash, Spiral, Aquaconda, River Slide are more family oriented with low or medium thrill levels. There is a dedicated kids' zone as well for younger children to have fun in the water.

Besides the adrenaline pumping rides and slides the Ramayana water park also has other attractions such as the Lazy River, Double Wave Pool, Activity Pool, Fruit Island, Green Maze, Sand Sport Field and River Walk. The Ramayana water park tickets give you access to every one of these rides. You can also rent private cabanas and enjoy a relaxing massage at the spa.
The Ramayana water park has something for all age groups and it has more than just water slides to offer. The sprawling space is filled with entertainment and attractions galore that ensures a full day of unlimited fun.

Why Book Ramayana Water Park Tickets?

The Park is a popular attraction and the biggest water park in Thailand hence has several visitors each day. Booking your Ramayana water park tickets online will definitely guarantee you won't have to stand in long queues outside the ticket counter. Also you can take advantage of special discounts and package deals by booking online.

Highlights Of Ramayana Water Park
Inclusions Of Ramayana Water Park

- The Park offers 21 different unique water slides and several other attractions for you to enjoy a full day of fun and frolic. The Ramayana water park tickets include all the water slides and you can use them as many times as you want.

- The Park offers picturesque views of lush greenery lakes and hills

- If you do not want to play in the water then you can choose to just relax at the cabanas that are available for rent. Or you can opt for a relaxing massage at the spa.

- Indulge your taste buds with a variety of food from all over the world in the various restaurants, bars and food kiosks. Between 12 pm to 4 pm there is a buffet with 100 dishes from all over the world for you to whet your appetite. 

- The Ramayana water park ticket includes entry into the Park and an approximately 5 hours of uninterrupted fun and excitement.

 - Children below 90 cm in height can enter free of charge and those above 122 cm will be charged as adults. 

 - The tickets include entry to all the slides and rides at the water park and the use of tubes, mats and rafts. There are no limits to the number of times you choose to ride the slides. 

- The Ramayana water park tickets also give you access to the different parts of the Park and to explore the other attractions. However, you will need to pay for rentals of cabanas, the 100 dishes buffet, spa treatments, etc.

Slides And Attractions In Ramayana Water Park

The Park has 21 unique rides and water slides that have been specially designed for it. The different types of slides have different thrill levels to cater to different age groups. Below is a list and description of all the water slides you can choose. The Ramayana water park tickets give access to all these rides and unlimited rides during your day out. 

Mat Racers

 The mat Racer is an exciting water slide that is part of the Ramayana water park. Riders choose a mat, head up to the top of the slide and race head down on the Mat Racer. The thrill level for the activity is medium this can be enjoyed by both children and adults. The minimum height of 110 cm is required; the slide allows the maximum weight of 135 kgs to take part in this adrenaline pumping Mat Racing. 

Aqua Play

Aqua play is specially designed for children between the age of 3 to 14 and has several different slides and other fun equipment that will entertain the kids all day long. Specially trained professionals supervise the entire activity. Children under the age of 6 must have an accompanying adult. Thrill level for this attraction is low.


This is one of the best rides and most favored rides at the Ramayana water park Pattaya. Parts of the slide are covered and beams of light make their way into the darkness as you slide down its winding paths and splash gently in the landing pool. You can ride the slide single or double on the spiral. 

Aqua Splash

This section has been especially designed for Ramayana water park and it is meant for smaller children. It has a special water spray and splash area for young children to enjoy the water play. There are variations in the water levels providing different experiences for all age groups. Children below 6 years should be in the company of an adult at all times.

River Slide

The River Slide is another unique water slide at the Ramayana water park. Riders can use single and double tubes and enjoy the twist and turns of the slide before landing in the lazy wavy river. Your journey however does not end here, it will continue another half an hour of riding waves, going by geysers, waterfalls and bubbles.


The Serpentine slide is another adventurous adventure film ride Riders pick up a little more speed as they land in the pool on the tubes the slide is half open and half closed and Riders can go single or double on their high speed ride


Boomerango is a fun ride at the Ramayana water park and visitors should not miss out on this ride. A double tube is launched up on an almost vertical wall and it keeps going higher before getting pulled down by gravity back into the landing pool with one thundering crash. This is a major scream fest and an adrenaline pumping ride which is favored by many.


Python is a ride that can get your heart racing and blood pumping with excitement. A group raft is brought up on a conveyor belt and once the riders are in, a bouncy and bumpy right begins that gets you high up in the air before you land again on the slide. The thrill level is high and 2 or 4 people can get on the raft together.

Aqua Conda

This is another adrenaline pumping ride at the Ramayana water park that is filled with excitement galore. The tube is brought up on a conveyor belt and once the riders are on the rush begins and you get tossed around and bounced to over 6 m high. The adrenaline high is incomparable on this ride. 

Aqua Coasters

This ride is one of the longest water slides in the world. The dueling Aqua Coasters have Riders On double tubes going up, down and around on a 240 mlide which is hoisted by water Jets Riders can enjoy a fun battle with friends as a race to the end of the slide

Free Fall

This is another very fascinating story. I am telling Experience at The Ramayana water park when the floor just disappears at the beginning of the ride and the riders experience free fall just like an astronaut. And then land in a mega splash as they reach the shut off lane this is a high level thrilling experience and riders should know before going for the ride.

Aqua Loop

This is a high thrill level experience and riders experience the phenomenal pull of gravity as they ride a 360 degree loop in this really fun slide Since this is a high thrill level ride and it is important to remember that riders need to be at least 122 CM tall and minimum 45 kgs in weight to take part in this ride. 

Know Before You Book Ramayana Water Park Tickets

Essential Information

Best time to visit Ramayana water park : The best time to visit Ramayana water park Pattaya is during the early mornings and late evenings as there is less crowd during these times and the best time to enjoy all the rides. 

Opening hours:

Monday - Thursday : Closed.

Friday - Sunday : 11am to 6pm.

Location: Ramayana water park, 9 moo 7, Ban Yen Rd, Na Chom Thain, Sattahip Chonburi, Thailand, 20250

How to reach:

The Ramayana water park is right next to Kao Chee mountain and is 23.4 km from the city center of Pattaya. The distance from Bangkok to Ramayana water park is 169 kilometers.

- You can rent private cabanas at the Ramayana water park ticket counter for 2 to 12 people.

- There is also the facility of renting lockers at the ticket counters

- A wide variety of dishes are served at the restaurants and bars within the premises of the Ramayana water park

- There is a kid-friendly restaurant that serves a variety of children's favorite dishes along with a wide selection of ice cream, candies, and desserts. 

- Free Wi-Fi is available for the members of the Ramayana water park

- You can visit The Shop to purchase everything for your day in the park right from swimwear to caps, sunglasses, water goggles, etc and you can also pick some souvenirs on your way out. 

- Freshly laundered towels are available for rent at 99 Baht each in case you forget to bring or need extra.

- Ramayana water park also has DEI photo services that capture your happy moments right at the time when you are enjoying the rides. You can pick your photos on your way out as well as get them printed on various items.  

- The Park has professionally trained lifeguards and medical staff to provide any kind of emergency care or first-aid.

- Events and parties can be organized at the premises of the Ramayana water park  

- Payment is completely cashless and required credits are loaded on your wristbands at the entrance itself.

Tips To Visit The Ramayana Water Park

- Follow the dress codes set by the Ramayana water park for an uninterrupted fun in the Park.

- Outside food is not allowed within the premises of the Ramayana water park

- It is best to come at least 30 minutes before opening time so you can make the best of the day at Ramayana water park

- It is highly recommended to bring your own personal hygiene products like sunscreen, soap and shampoo

- Items such as towels, swimwear, swimming goggles, caps and swim diapers for babies are available at the shop within the premises of the Ramayana water park

- Alcoholic beverages should not be brought into the park


Are there kids-friendly rides inside Ramayana water park?

Ramayana water park has two dedicated kids zones. Rides such as Aqua Splash, River Slide and Aqua Play are great for kids to enjoy. These rides have low to medium thrill levels and all the rides in the Ramayana water park are properly and carefully supervised by trained professionals. In the Aqua Play rides, children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. All these rides are included in the Ramayana water park tickets.

 Are outside eatables allowed inside Ramayana water park?

No. Foods and beverages from outside cannot be brought into the Ramayana water park along with pets, glass and cigarettes. Restaurants, bars and food kiosks are available within the Park with a long list of Thai food, local snacks and some international specialties. There is also the famous 100 dishes buffet from 12pm to 4 pm featuring cuisines from all around the world. 

 What is the best time to visit Ramayana water park?

The best time to visit Ramayana water park is during early mornings or late evenings if you would like to enjoy the park without the crowds. 

Can we rent swimwear in Ramayana water park?

No, swimwear is not available for rental but it can be purchased at The Shop here in the Ramayana water park where you can also rent a locker and towels. All the items at The Shop have been sourced directly from the manufacturers hence you will get them at very low prices. 

 How big is the Ramayana water park?

The Ramayana water park is spread over 18 hectares or 45 acres of sprawling land. This is the biggest water park in Thailand and it is also listed in the Top 10 largest water parks in Asia. The park has about 21 unique rides that have been designed specifically for Ramayana water park Pattaya.

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