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About Art In Paradise

Art in Paradise Pattaya is Thailand’s first 3D museum, created by native painters with the help of twelve Korean artists capable of giving these stunning paintings 3D optical illusions. The Museum introduces visitors to the art in an absolute fun style where they are allowed to witness the beauty of detailed paintings while enjoying them in the most playful manner.

The concept behind the Museum is to go beyond the traditional idea of appreciating paintings alone and build instead this interactive museum where visitors can come in contact with the paintings while appreciating their beauty.

The Museum has 9 zones curated in different themes, with more than 150 paintings exhibited in these zones. The diorama art section appreciates the 3D models of commoners depicted doing their usual activities. Beware of the giant shark ready to move out of the canva to engulf you, and witness the world of other underwater creatures as well.

Watch out for the big tusked mammal moving out of the canva and enjoy spending some time with giraffes drinking water in the vast grasslands of savannahs. Don’t miss out the exclusive opportunity of messing with the classic paintings and entering into the extinct world of dinosaurs. Appreciate the indigenous culture of Thailand, learn more about the native traditions and colourful festivities.

Why Book Art In Paradise Tickets?

The Art in Paradise Pattaya is curated with innovative 3D models and paintings ready to take visitors on a journey to the different parts of the world. The Art in Paradise tickets would allow people to witness diorama art, aqua art, classic art and many other artistic depictions. It is highly advisable that visitors book their tickets online to enjoy a hassle-free, convenient and time-saving experience. Tickets are confirmed within 2 business hours of successful booking via email. Check out the refund and cancellation policies while booking your Art in Paradise tickets. 


- The Museum is Thailand’s first 3D Art Museum spread over an area of more than 5,800 sq.m.

- Get yourself clicked at various real like illusionary picturesque spots across the museum. 

- Explore massive art exhibits that have put up more than 150 paintings on display. 

- The Museum has different artistic paintings varying from that of ocean creatures to that of the ancient Egyptian world.

- Learn more about Thai culture, traditions and festivities.

- Marvel over the 3D lifelike models representing the lives of local people and the illusionary paintings of giant creatures called dinosaurs.  

- The Art in Paradise tickets would allow entry into the world of 3D illusionary paintings curated by native and foreigners. 

- The policy of ticket booking allows children of the height of 100 cm or below enter without any charge. 

Zones In Art In Paradise Pattaya

The art museum is divided into 9 different zones which are curated with various kinds of paintings. Art in Paradise tickets would allow you to wander around these different zones and enjoy the beauty of the place. Let’s get familiar with these different zones briefly. 


Feel yourself immersing into the lifestyle of commoners represented through the three-dimensional small figurines or dolls. Commoners are seen performing various acts like a couple passing the road, a poor family working hard to meet their ends, children enjoying in a pond while sitting on a Elephant, the chaos of a busy street etc. All these models have been curated beautifully by Korean sculptors with the aim of putting a highlight over the lives of commoners which have often been seen with zero interest by artists


Experience the underwater world of giant creatures like whales and dolphins from a closer angle without really getting into the waters. Feel the dangerous creatures coming out of canva and give you an illusion of their reallike presence in these 3D paintings. Beware of the giant shark coming ravenously out of the canva to catch its prey. Not only the dark and deep world is at representation here, land yourself in the fairyland of mermaids while posing in the lifesize seashell.


Go ahead with this wildlife tour inside of a museum and enter into the tropical world of dense canopies of Amazon jungle. Feel yourself landed amongst the huge herds of large elephants ready to burst out of the paintings. At the vast grasslands of Savannah watch giraffes drinking water with their long necks bending out of the wall-size canva from a small pond drawn over the floor. Don’t miss out the branch laden with dozens of colourful parrots, try hanging over this branch. Watch stripped zebras running out of the canva and moving towards you, stay careful.

Classic Art

Allow yourself into the classic world from across the globe, find yourself in the rain poured UK street, get yourself a drink at a bar, and get crowned by a Greek king. Feel the illusion of entering into symmetrically built buildings. The Art at depiction here, transforms you into the world of mythology and ancient sites as well as creativity, allowing an opportunity of learning and entertainment at the same time. To make it a fun experience visitors are allowed to play with the world’s most famous paintings like the Monalisa and others.  


Ayutthaya Kingdom was a Siamese Kingdom between 1351 to 1767. The Art displayed in this section tries to bring the atmosphere of the Kingdom into life through its elaborate photo zone in the Art in Paradise Museum. Watch yourself while carefulling crossing over the large stream flowing at a high speed on a very thin wooden log. Take a careful look at the giant tree whose roots are spreading even on the floor. Cross the lava filled spot in the ancient cave with beautiful ancient architecture. Visit the giant Buddha to meditate and calm yourself down, or walk through a challenging route while passing by the giant elephants.


Enter into the different world of the mummies and pharaohs, look out for hidden treasures and get lost in the brick world of Egyptian architecture. Walk into the 3D illusionary desert painting without feeling the scorching heat and wondering about the oasis. Explore the opportunity of a sneak peek into the riches of the Egyptian kings, keep noticing more and more for the details what if you get your hands on answers of some of the mysteries of this golden world. 


 Witness the indigenous culture of Thai tradition with heritage of over a hundreds of decades. Utilise this opportunity to understand the diverse influences of Brahmanism and Buddhism over Thai culture and traditions. Leave yourself floating in the magically lit Yi Peng lanterns and feel the spirituality deep inside your heart which would calm you down immensely. Sit down to meditate on the massive hand of demon god Ravana as per Hindu culture and later join in the festivities of the Songkran Festival.  


 Let your imagination run wild to feel the beauty of these surreal visuals even more. Build your own stories while walking past a beautiful picturesque just like that of a fairyland, feel the gods and demons alike while posing against the wings in white and black colour feathers. Get yourself clicked on the midnight moon and enter into the gravity free museum room and a strange reflection room. Feel yourself in the flask of Einstein's experiment and holding Gandhi on your arm.


Though dinosaurs have already gone extinct from the face of the earth, this zone of the museum allows you an illusionary experience with these extinct animals. Allow your imagination to get deeper while walking past the detailed painting of lighting strike over a castle. Witness demon-like giant size dinosaurs throwing flames at you and accidentally land into the roaring world of these lifesize creatures. Look at the unicorns up close while they drink water and don’t miss out the colours of the feathers of peacocks. Don’t forget to get yourself clicked in the beautiful 3D scenery painted with a deep blue coloured ocean.  

- A perfect place where one can learn and have fun at the same time, include Art in Paradise, Pattaya in your itinerary. 

- Its 9 zones with more than 150 pictures at depiction serve all those wanting a serious trip to appreciate art and those looking for entertainment as well. 

- People can visit the place with their families, friends, in groups and couples. 

- The Museum has beautiful wall size picturesque scenery paintings like that of the city of Venice with the canal, grassland of savannah, the brick laid tombs of Egypt full of secrets.

- The affordability of Art in Paradise tickets makes it a highly accessible and pocket-friendly place. 

Know Before You Book Art In Paradise Tickets

Essential Information
How To Reach

Location- 78/34 Moo 9 Thanon Pattaya Sai Song, Muang Pattaya, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

Operational Timings- 09:30 AM - 05:00 PM, everyday

Best Time To Visit- The best time to visit the museum is during the morning hours when the place is less crowded. It will allow you enough time to roam around the place slowly while enjoying the place at its full. 

By Bus: There are frequent, convenient and cheap Baht buses available from second street. It’s better to ask if buses pass through Siam Siam Hotel ( very tall large blue hotel) and from there it's a short walk to the destination. Hop on a songthaew, a rickshaw to reach the destination. 

By Taxi: The location is at an accessible place, one can hire a motorbike taxi to reach the destination. 


How old is Art in Paradise Pattaya?

Art in Paradise Pattaya was founded by Mr. Shin Jae Yeol and started its operation on May 2, 2012. It is spread over an area of 5,800 square metres and includes 9 different zones with more than 150 paintings. 

What makes Art in Paradise so famous in Pattaya?

The museum is one-of-its-kind designed for the very first time in Thailand which serves an unique blend of art and fun for the visitors. The museum is curated in a very interactive way, it has 9 different zones which put more than 150 paintings on display. All the paintings are curated in a 3D style which even give an illusionary outlook and make the experience an amazing one. The affordable prices of Art in Paradise tickets, beautiful picturesque giant paintings and interactive 3D designs makes the museum so famous. 

Can we click photographs inside Art In Paradise?

Yes, visitors can click goofy and beautiful pictures in front of each painting. The illusionary highly detailed paintings would provide the perfect artistic background to your pictures. The different zones with paintings of different themes would take you to the different parts of the world in a matter of seconds. 

What is the best time to visit Art in Paradise?

The fascinating 3D art museum is open throughout the week and visitors can come by as per their wish. It’s advisable, though, to visit the place during weekdays as the place is crowded and busy on weekends. You can witness the almost lively looking art without having to wait in queues. 

Do we have to book in advance for entry to Art in Paradise?

Online booking of Art to Paradise tickets in advance for entry to the museum is a highly advisable suggestion to enjoy a hassle-free, time-saving and convenient experience. The confirmation of tickets is done within a few hours after online booking. Check out the refund and cancellation policies while booking the tickets online in advance.  

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