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The Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya is an incredible Temple, Museum and Castle which is based on Buddhist and Hindu teachings. It is an architectural marvel built entirely with wood and not a single metal nail has been used to put it in place. The construction and assembly of this 105 meters high temple was started back in 1991 and it is still to be completed.

The main Idea behind the Sanctuary of Truth was to honor the teachings of Buddhism and Hinduism. In doing so, the patron Lek Viriyaphan, wanted to preserve traditional Thai wood carving techniques. The wood which is used to make the temple is crafted by local craftswomen right at the temple itself.

By booking Sanctuary Of Truth tickets, you wll be taken to the beach with turquoise blue water in the backdrop creating an awe-inspiring image.The beautifully crafted facade of the temple and its sculptures and ornaments have profound significance that reflects the teachings of both Buddhism and Hinduism. Just as the outer facade, the inner part of the Sanctuary of Truth is equally magnificent and awe-inspiring.

Why Book The Sanctuary Of Truth Tickets?

Highlights Of Sanctuary Of Truth Tickets
Inclusions Of Sanctuary Of Truth Tickets
Highlights Of Sanctuary Of Truth Tickets
  • The Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya is an architectural wonder and it is made entirely of wood and not a single nail has been used to build it. 
  • This incredible structure is a blend of a temple on a palace and it symbolizes the teachings of both Buddhism and Hinduism.
  • The intricately carved wood that is used in the temple is handcrafted by locals, most of whom are women.
  • All the carving work is done at the temple itself and you can watch it done with your Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya tickets.
  • The Sanctuary of Truth is the perfect example of world famous Thai craftsmanship.
  • A traditional Thai dance performance at 11:30 am and 3:30 pm on a covered stage that is built in front of the main building. You can watch this performance using your Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya tickets and no extra payments. 
Outside The Sanctuary Of Truth

- By booking the Sanctuary Of Truth tickets, you will be taken to the rooftop which is divided into four sections, and on top of each of these rooftops there are intricately carved figures of four female deities. Each of these figures is carrying an object- a scripture, rice stalk and pigeon, a lotus and a child.

- The center of the temple's rooftop has a figure of a spirit riding a horse which depicts moving into the future with World Peace as the ultimate goal. 

- Another striking feature you will witness after booking Sanctuary of Truth tickets is the massive four faced sculpture of Brahma, the Hindu God and the four faces symbolize the four universal virtues that one must follow - compassion, empathetic joy, benevolence and equanimity.

- There is a covered stage outside near the main building where everyday a traditional Thai dance performance is held. 

- The main grounds also has other attractions as well as a restaurant. 

Inside The Sanctuary Of Truth

Inside the Sanctuary of Truth there are several sculptures and ornately carved wood. The Sanctuary of Truth tickets will lead you into the four sections and all the sections are connected to a Central Hall. The Central Hall symbolizes enlightenment or Nirvana. The four halls represent the four elements and the seven creations that are essential for human existence : Heaven, Earth, Father, Mother, Moon, Son and the Planets.

The Central Hall
The Central Hall

The highlight of the Central Hall is a magnificent and ornate wooden Throne. Unlike the other halls the Central Hall does not have any deities at the gates. This stands for Liberation, Truth and Harmony. It propagates the five precepts of Buddhism - not to kill, not to steal, do not commit adultery, do not lie and stay away from vices. The Central Hall also signifies the coming together of everything in the universe and achieving Nirvana or becoming enlightened. The empty throne also represents the center of the entire universe. Most parts of the Central Hall is under construction but its beauty and magnificence cannot be ignored. 

The Southern Hall
The Southern Hall

 The Southern Hall teaches about parental love. This hall holds sculptures and carvings that symbolizes the Sun, the Moon and deities that have a major influence in human existence. According to ancient beliefs, the sun causes day and night, the moon moves the tide, and the stars and planets affect our daily lives and destiny. Each star and Planet represents certain qualities. The rooftop of the Southern Hall has a lady holding hands with a child and an old man. This is a lesson that says love begins at home.

The Northern Hall
The Northern Hall

The northern hall reflects the teachings of Taoism and Confucianism. There are sculptures and ornate carvings that depicts these teachings and urges people to do good so that they would be rid of their vices and achieve Nirvana. The sculptures in this Hall illustrate the belief of Kindness, Sacrifice, Sharing and Love. Above on the rooftop of the Northern Hall is the sculpture of a woman holding a Lotus which symbolizes the importance of practicing religion so that we stay grounded and tied to our roots. The main teachings and values that are propagated here are good deeds and how sacrifices can free a man from his vices.

The Western Hall
The Western Hall

The Western Hall is called The Origin. The carvings, sculptures and decorations here symbolize the four elements of nature - Water, Wind, Fire and Earth. The Western Hall also has depictions of Hindu Gods Vishnu Brahma and Shiva. Placed on the rooftop of the Western Hall is a woman holding stocks of paddy and a pigeon which signifies world peace. A huge wooden Bodhisattva's face is present in the Hall which represents the different States of Mind such as Love, Kindness, Compassion, Sympathy and Equanimity. Every single sculpture and carving has a deeper meaning and reflections. The Hall depicts the Beginning and this is the reason that the tour always starts from the Western Hall.

Know Before You Book Sanctuary Of Truth Tickets

Essential Information
How To Reach Sanctuary Of Truth
Essential Information

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit the Sanctuary of Truth is in the early morning. The first visitors are let in at 8:00 a.m. or 8:30 a.m.. This is a peaceful time to visit the Sanctuary, the temperature is cooler at this time and it is easier to explore the grounds. Another great time would be in the evening. The last entry is at 5 p.m. which has the added advantage of enjoying a sunset view from the grounds of the Sanctuary. You can book your Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya tickets online to save time.

Opening Hours:

Daily 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

 It is important to keep in mind that entry to the Sanctuary is every 30 minutes. If you reach at 8:10 a.m. then you will need to wait till 8:30 a.m.


206/2, 5 Pattaya Naklua, 

Bang Lamung District, 

Chon Buri 20150, Thailand 

Tips To Visit The Sanctuary Of Truth

- Booking your Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya tickets online make things a lot convenient however there is a ticket stand near the parking area

- Visitors have to dress appropriately for their visit to the Sanctuary of Truth. Knees and shoulders have to be covered if required, you can rent a sarong for a 200 Baht deposit which is refundable when the sarong is returned.

- A workshop is there near the temple exit where the artisans work and you can watch them work. A small souvenir store is attached where you can purchase miniature carvings.

- As construction is going on at the temple visitors have to wear hard hats while walking around. These are available outside the temple.


Why should one book Sanctuary of Truth tickets?

    The Sanctuary of Truth is the largest building in Thailand which is entirely made of wood. There is not even a single metal nail that has been used to build this Temple. This 105 meter high structure is a mix of a temple and a palace and it is dedicated to philosophy, art, culture and faith without being tied down by any particular religion. The interiors and exteriors of the temple are decorated with Hindu and Buddhist motifs.

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