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About Car Rentals In Pattaya

Pattaya is that city where the nightlife is bustling, streets are filled with neon lights and restaurants, discos, bars and beaches are filled with people coming from various parts of the world to have the time of their life. Enhance this experience by renting a car to travel the expanse of this city and the experience will be not comparable. Rent a vehicle, prepare your itinerary, explore places like Pattaya hill top, Big buddha temple, etc with hassle free pickup and drop services.

Car rental in Pattaya is always a convenient option as you can also visit lesser known places which can be a part of your exploration journey. Comfort, luxury and a stressless journey is always an option to go for. The advantage of having a private car with a driver is another unavoidable luxury that tourists can enjoy with insights about the city given by the driver. You can get picked up from the hotel as per your convenient time and these cars can be booked for a good 4,6,or 8 hours time. So plan your itinerary accordingly and sit tight, relax to enjoy the cityscape of Pattaya.

- The city of Pattaya and its picturesque locales can be explored using a rented car. Obviously it is a great idea but here are some aspects related to the car rental in Pattaya.

- You can explore prominent attractions such as Pattaya Hilltop, Big Buddha temple etc using a rented car. 

- The cars come with pickup and drop services and the drivers are well spoken and cultured and they can speak in English for convenience. 

- The car can be rented for a good 4,6, and 8 hours which depends on the package. So sit back, relax and plan your itinerary.  

Available Car Rental Options In Pattaya

The car rental in Pattaya comes with package options and these packages must be selected prior to car booking in Pattaya. The packages include 4,6,or 8 hour car rental with drivers with pickup and drop options and these can be availed based on the itinerary of the customer traveling in the city. 

4 Hour Car Rental With Driver

The city of Pattaya can be explored in a quick and easy way if you select this plan with the help of a professional driver who can guide you on a 4 hour tour of the city wherein you can take a look at scenic yet important points of the city. The driver also can speak English which reduces half of the hassles faced by tourists. A maximum of 3 persons are allowed in the car in this option and a convenient and drop facility is available from your hotel. Go, have a hasslefree drive around the city in your personal car with a driver who is there just for you.

6-Hour Car Rental With Driver

The city of Pattaya can be visited quickly and effectively if you choose this plan with the assistance of a professional driver who can accompany you on a 6 hour tour of the city where you can see picturesque locales of the city or outside it. The driver also speaks English, which is an added advantage. This package allows for a maximum of three people in the car and includes a convenient pick-up and drop-off service from your hotel. Go ahead and have a stress-free drive around town in your personal car with your driver. Car, 

8-Hour Car Rental With Driver

Renting a car for 8 hours gives a nice breathing space for the travelers as they can decide on their itinerary. This can cover large portions of the city and with a skilled professional driver who can also speak basic English, it gets much easier for travelers to traverse across the city. They can be helpful in giving the insights of the city and can whiz past the streets. Keep in mind, a maximum of 3 travelers can avail the car and there is pick and drop off facility from all the centrally located hotels of Pattaya.

Different Types of Car Options for Renting In Pattaya

Car rental in Pattaya is indeed a simple and practical alternative if you wish to explore the city's attractions through SUV cars, Economic cars, Standard cars etc. Reserve this Pattaya car rental and travel about the city in total luxury and comfort in a private vehicle without any hassle.Enjoy a relaxing and secure journey when you opt for car booking in Pattaya and explore all through the area with a knowledgeable driver who will not only take you to the destinations but will also share local information and insights with you. 

Economy Cars

These are the small, practical and easy to park vehicles and most importantly feasible. Ideal for the bustling streets of Pattaya as they are filled with people and specially two wheelers whizzing past the streets these are offered if you hire through the car rentals of Pattaya. One might also choose for economy cars as they are also very useful for travelers who want to travel hassle free and enjoy the ride and explore. Well, these cars can come in many variants like a Ford Focus, Fiat Panda, Fiat 500, or a Ford Fiesta. Usually a great vehicle for 2 to 3 people with a bag or two.

SUV Cars

The car rental in Pattaya also offers you SUV cars, no Wonder they are the most sought after cars because of the rugged fashion they come with. 4x4 or SUVs are considered for 5 people and a maximum of 3 bags. The cars are automatic transmission and also fully air conditioned and supplied with latest navigation tools to go past the street signs without worries. This can surely be considered for a family of four who can also hire a driver along with them to get to the attractive locales of Pattaya. These cars are powerful and some of them which you can rent could be a Toyota RAV4, Ford Escape, or a Jeep

Standard Cars

A perfect car for a family trip and long distance traveling and you can find them through the car rental in Pattaya. These are standard Sedans which are usually comfortably big and elaborate for 4-5 people. They have auto transmission and are equipped with the latest Nav tools which the travelers can use for navigation instead of depending on street signs which can often confuse them. These cars can easily carry 1-2 large bags and provide you comfort at very reasonable prices. A driver can be an added advantage who can take you through the lanes of the city and help you with the insights of the city and its culture.

People Carrier

Traveling with a large group can often prove cumbersome as finding a transport can be costly on your pockets and very difficult to find vehicles specially in cities like Pattaya which are filled with tourists. You can choose to pick up one of your favorite cars among the Dodge Grand Caravan or a Volkswagen Touran and explore the city lanes with your group of 7,9 or even 12 people. These carry 4 large bags very comfortably and the cars can be availed based on prior booking through the car rental in Pattaya. The terms and conditions must be kept in mind before hiring one of these to have a hassle free journey. 

Luxury Cars

Comfort and luxury, a factor undeniably important for few travelers no matter where they are coming from. To serve them, best in class luxurious executive cars are in place like the Mercedes C Class or the E Class, Chrysler 300, Nissan Maxima or similar. These cars need to be booked with the help of the internet through the car rental in Pattaya. It is always handy to have a driver in place so that travelers can enjoy the city and outskirts in their luxury while gaining the insights from the driver.

Convertible Cars

Ford Mustang Convertible or an Audi A3 Cabrio, your choice of a convertible can get you around the city like a dream with great deals in place to avail these cars. These can be booked via the internet from the various car rental in Pattaya and can have 4 people jollying around the cityscape with 2 small bags. With convertible cars the ride will be a smooth experience to see Pattaya’s beauty. Go fetch one of your favorite cars and especially the beautiful locations on the outskirts of the city. 


What documents are required to book a self-drive car in Pattaya?

In addition to the current domestic driver’s license, an International Driver’s Permit, passport and visa will always be necessary to carry as a document for a car booking in Pattaya.

What type of cars can I rent in Pattaya?

To book a car rental in Pattaya for your seamless traveling in the city one may find quite a variety of options to choose from. From mini, economy, and compact to luxury, SUV, pick-up truck and minivan and passenger vans. One can find many self drive cars according to the member capacity and hourly rate basis.

What is the best time to visit Pattaya?

November to February are the months that are ideal for visiting Pattaya since the weather is often nice and neither excessively hot nor too chilly. The majority of beaches and other tourist destinations are crowded with people because it is also the busiest travel season. 

What makes Pattaya such a famous tourist destination?

Most tourists go to Pattaya for the sun-drenched beaches and the hopping nightlife on Walking Street. Pattaya Hill, where many of the upscale hotels are located, is the perfect area to stay if you're looking for beachside leisure away from the bustle of the crowded street strip yet with convenient access to it

Can tourists rent a car in Pattaya?

Many automobile rental firms in Thailand need a complete driver's license with a photo that has been maintained for at least two years and has no significant endorsements in order to drive or hire a car through the car rental in Pattaya. Short-term visitors from abroad may hire a car and operate a vehicle in Thailand with a legitimate international driver's license.

What are the best places to visit in Thailand?

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