Scuba Diving In Pattaya

About Scuba Diving in Pattaya

Scuba Diving in Pattaya not only brings thrill but also allows visitors to enjoy the colourful world of seas while diving into it. The different beaches and islands available to explore are numerous in Thailand, where along the world underneath the shores one can also experience the fun nightlife along the beaches. Thailand is world famous for its scuba diving friendly beaches, islands and seashores.

One can visit a number of places like Koh Larn, which is one of the renowned places for scuba diving. There are six beaches in the island of Koh Larn along with a number of other attractions. On diving or snorkelling at Koh Sak a big collection of colourful fishes and coral reefs that extends all along the seashore are awaiting you.

Going upto a depth of 3 to 4 metre one can experience coral reef studded with thousands of sea anemones along the beaches of Koh Kroh. At Jomtien beach not only one would experience diving but also the Thai culture. Koh Rin and North Rock have been used by the navy of Thailand for training due to the challenging currents being thrown on these shores. A number of islands like in Koh Chan and Koh Chang even the beginner divers can enter slowly and gently to experience the beauty of corals.

Why Book Scuba Diving in Pattaya?

Scuba diving in Pattaya allows visitors to experience an amazing opportunity of discovering the beautiful underwater which has hidden in itself the world of colourful marine life. The number of fascinating sites available to allow you to wander on an inexplicable journey with the colourful fishes and corals makes it necessary to have this wonderful experience on visiting Pattaya, Thailand. For the beginners there are PADI-certified mentors available who make the experience easy and safe as well. 

  • It allows for a nice easy shallow dive between 1m to 5m deep, the ones comfortable in diving deep can dive to a maximum depth of 12 metres.  
  • Divers can choose their preferred site for scuba diving and snorkelling out of a number of sites available. 
  • Go deep onto the rocky beds over which are located beautiful corals. 
  • Witness a number of underwater creatures like seahorses, bamboo sharks, stingrays, sea anemones and colourful seaflowers.
  • Spend some relaxing hours at the quiet seashores under the warmth of the sun after scuba diving in Pattaya.
  • The tickets of reservation for a scuba diving experience would include transfer facility of pickup and drop off from/to hotels. 
  • A PADI- certified professional instructor would be available to assist aspiring divers throughout the activity.
  • All the diving essential equipment like the Regulator, Wetsuit or Drysuit, Buoyancy Control Device, etc., would be provided by the company as well.  
  • Other advanced equipment like Dive Lights, Dive Compass, might be provided as per the requirement. 
  • Accessories related to snorkelling would be provided on extra charges if visitors choose for the experience. 

Best Places For Scuba Diving In Pattaya

The beaches in Thailand make scuba diving a memorable experience to all be it a beginner or a professional. Let’s briefly look at the various famous spots for scuba diving in Pattaya. 

Koh Larn

Koh Laren is one of the most renowned places for scuba diving in Pattaya. It’s a wonderful little island located in the Gulf of Thailand. Koh Laren has six beaches and a number of spots to visit like the Big Buddha on the mountain overlooking Tawaen. Scuba dive on its clear white sand azure beaches. At Koh Laren rent Glass bottom kayaks to see the ocean floor, spend some time at New Zip Line near Naul Beach and don’t forget to checkout the samae beach and the main village (naban) which have new floating piers. All the beaches at Koh Laren have facilities of restaurants, bathrooms and showers. A perfect location as it’s for water sports like scuba diving, the place is also suitable for spending some relaxing hours with the gentle sounds of the ocean and a warm sun. 

Koh Sak

The island has a big collection of colourful fishes and coral reefs that extends all along the seashore. Its distinguishable coral reefs and beaches make it a perfect spot for not only professional scuba divers but also beginners. If one’s lucky enough they might even have an encounter with octopus and seahorse, there are about 40 different species of seahorses present at the island. Because Koh Sak has been turned into a national park, there is no permanent settlement on this island anymore. The hawksbill turtle and bamboo sharks have become its primary residents. A number of bamboo sharks that surround the north natural horseshoe shaped bay of this island serves as a caution for avid scuba divers, however the island remains to be a trendy destination for divers. 

Koh Khroh

The island is situated 8 km away from Pattaya to the right of Koh Larn, on the eastern part of its only beach, it has a flatter shore with white sand which is perfect for scuba diving. The island is famous for its talented carving masters who live in Ang Sila, a fishing village. The best and unusual sort of souvenirs are acquired from the western and southern parts of the island from which can be availed of carved stone figures. Along the western part, 3-4 metre deep underwater beneath the rocky shores stretches, a coral reef studded with thousands of sea anemones which look like colourful sea flowers. Due to it's not so deep coral reef studded shores it serves as the perfect place for scuba diving. Visitors would be required to travel the island by renting a speed boat at Bali Hai Pier. 

Jomtien Beach

The 6 km stretched beach is one of the exotic beaches on Jomtien island. It forms an important part of the eastern coastline of the Gulf of Thailand. It’s a quieter gateway from the noises of the pattaya city, and therefore it is generally preferred for its quietness and adventurous activities. The place is perfect for windsurfers and water sports. Along with scuba diving in its beautiful shores visitors can also experience the cultural side of Thailand. At the beach one can explore a range of things from Thai cuisine restaurants to elegant cabaret shows, the Floating Market Pattaya and shop for some souvenirs. 

Koh Rin

 The small uninhabited island with an area of only 0.5 takes visitors close to the wild nature which has been left untouched by civilization. Towards the northern part of the relief of the island there are slightly sloping rocky shores, in the south and east it is flat. From the flatter side of the island one would reach the beaches with white little sand and clear emerald waters. Due to its beautiful coral reefs studded with actinias, sea-urchins, rays, medusas, moray fish, barracuda fish, black reef sharks, other unusual fish and sea creatures the island is the perfect place for scuba diving. Visit the isolated island from sea tour to island by big boat or a speed boat to immerse yourself into the bright and colourful underwater world. 

North Rock

The site is located north of the Koh Rin island where the island has slightly sloping rocky shores. It is one of the prominent sites for scuba diving, the soft corals here illuminate the seafloor. Witness the beauty of coral reefs, colourful fishes and don’t be surprised if you encounter small grey bamboo sharks under the large rocks. If you get lucky on the day of diving you might happen to see the pelagic Barracuda, hacks and even a school of tuna here. As the site faces strong currents sometimes, beginners are advised to do scuba diving here only with a trainer.  

Ko Chang

Also called the Elephant island in Thai, it’s part of the Mu Ko Chang National Park and one of the largest and most popular of the islands in eastern Thailand. The island’s main beaches are all on the west coast but White Sand beach is in the north and Lonely beach in the south and somewhere between is Klong Prao the longest beach on the island. Scuba diving is one of the most popular sports here as the place is less crowded and very less known, it’s usually quiet here. Dive into the world of corals, tuna fishes and the colourful world of underwater creatures.  

Koh Chan

Located 10 km south of Samae San Pier, the island of Koi Chan is the south easternmost island in the Samae San chain. On the bay with no to little currents, find the shallow areas perfect for beginner divers. Find the stingrays hiding under the sand all over here, watch out for shallow coral heads laced with soft sponges, fans and baby fish. To enjoy the beauty of the corals, swim to the southeast corner of the island on the seaward side where large rocks covered in sea fan, whip coral, hard and soft coral are located.

Shark Fin Rock

The rocks resemble a shark fin, might look very small from outside but inside let yourself immerse in the large reef. Feel yourself lost in the large areas of stag horns, brain corals, barrel sponges and anemones. One a good diving day, it’s the best site to go to where marine life is plentiful and varied. Go deeper towards the southeastern side of its 16m vertical wall, which is the best attraction of Shark Fin Rock. Move towards the north-western side and enjoy the sightseeing of black spotted stingrays. 

  • Pattaya has a number of beautiful beaches, where one can also experience the local culture, seafood, other cuisines and nightlife. 
  • Scuba Diving in Pattaya would allow visitors to explore some of the world’s best dive sites. 
  • Visitors would find a number of sea creatures like Stingrays, eels, seahorse, turtles, lionfish, coral reefs and at times sharks. 
  • The certified guides will not only ensure safety, they will also introduce visitors to well 
  • known marine creatures like pufferfish, pipefish and clownfish. 
  • Enjoy the thrill of encountering sea creatures and their colourful world at a number of sites like Koh Larn, Koh Sak, Koh Krok and many others.

Best Time To Do Scuba Diving In Pattaya

Pattaya is also called the paradise island of Thailand as it has a wonderful tropical climate with monsoon. The ideal temperature is around 30 degree celsius when uner the perfect sunlight one sees through the turquoise green water and enjoy the colourful world of corals underneath. The most suitable time for scuba diving in Pattaya is during the months of November to April, when the visibility is great through the water upto 5 to 15 metres. 


Is Scuba Diving safe in Pattaya?

Yes, scuba diving activity in Pattaya is always safe as PADI certified mentors are made available to guide the beginners through this journey. The beaches where the activity is performed are mainly safe from dangerous sea creatures.

How can I shoot photos and videos while doing Scuba Diving?

One can shoot photos and videos using flashguns on short,adjustable arms on either side of the camera to light up a subject. Because water, on going deeper into the ocean absorbs all the colours if one doesn’t use a flash they might end up with blue or green pictures. To improve the underwater film quality keep camera steady, capture longer clips, keep the camera charged and the lens clean. 

Are trainers professional and certified in Pattaya to guide us for Scuba Diving?

Yes, all the professional trainers in Pattaya are certified by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) which is the world's leading scuba diver training organisation who would ensure your safe journey.

What makes Scuba Diving so famous in Pattaya?

The life beneath the beaches where dozens of coral reefs and bright colourful Nemos are awaiting for you is the most fascinating thing about scuba diving in Pattaya. The beaches in Pattaya would never leave disappointed as it is very common to sight the scorpionfish, batfish, sweetlips and hawksbill turtles. Not only is the life beneath the beaches on the bays exciting but also the nightlife of the surrounding islands and beaches that fascinates bachelors the most. 

What is the best time to do Scuba Diving in Pattaya?

The months from November to April are the best time to perform scuba diving activity in Pattaya when the visibility inside the waters increases upto a level of 5 metres to 15 metres. It would allow visitors to experience the corals, colourful sea flowers, various fishes and underwater creatures like seahorses and bamboo sharks. 

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