Koh Samet Island Tour

About Koh Samet Island

The island of Koh Samet is located on the eastern Gulf coast of Thailand, and has been reviewed as the most beautiful of all islands in Thailand because of its white sand beaches. It has great hotels, bungalows and suitable cheap accommodations along with a number of restaurants and bars where amazing drinks are served. The nightlife and shows like Fireshow of Koh Samet which takes place at the Sai Kaew beach are the must experience for all those paying a visit to the island.

Koh Samet Island tour would allow visitors to explore a range of adventurous activities like scuba diving, parasailing, jet skiing, kayaking, etc., on its white sand beaches. The activities would let visitors explore the ambience of the island as they board the sunset cruise and experience the magnetising sight of sunlight reflecting over waters of the sea. They would explore the seaside especially on the eastern and western parts of the island where not only one can explore the beautiful shorelines but also the perfect spots for snorkelling and swimming.

With beaches being the highlights of the island, you can explore Sai Kaew, offering smooth white sand, or click a number of selfies with the statues of mermaids. As visitors move towards Phai Beach they can take a rented kayak to paddle down the coast and feel the vacation flairs of the Ao Prao Beach.

Why Book Koh Samet Island Tour from Pattaya?

Koh Samet island tour would be incomplete without visitors exploring the different beaches, their different coloured sand and crystal turquoise waters. Rent a speedboat to enjoy the enchanting view of spectacular sunrise or sunset on the island. Book a speedboat tour at Koh Samet island in Pattaya online to enjoy a hassle free experience. The process will be convenient, time-saving and easy as the confirmation of tickets would be confirmed within hours through email.  


- Explore the white sand of the Sai Kaew beach and fine brown sand at the Ao Cho beach on a speedboat tour. 

- Don’t miss the chance to explore the waters through a range of fun filled water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, parasailing, jet skiing, etc. 

- Add more thrill to the Koh Samet island tour by opting for activities like banana boat, pedal boat and kayaking.

- Relax yourself in the cool, calm wind flowing while laying down on the quiet and busy beaches while enjoying the scenic beauty of crystal clear turquoise and emerald waters

- The Koh Samet island tour would include sightseeing to take visitors along the shores of the sea and explore the beauty of the island. 

- It would include round trip transfers from/to your hotel, a shower room, Beach chair, Towel and Speedboat. 

- A professional English speaking guide would accompany you throughout the trip. 

- Meals along with bottled drinking water would be provided as well.

- A range of activities like snorkelling, Banana boat ride, Pedal boat ride and Kayaking would be arranged for the tourists as well. 

Activities To Do In Koh Samet Island

At the Koh Samet Island tour turn your silent seaside beach trip into an adventurous one as you discover scuba diving and snorkelling spots on the eastern and western park of the Koh Samet Island. Immerse yourself into the enchanting ambience while windsurfing, jet skiing and sailing on the crystal clear waters of the island. 

Scuba Diving

If you’re visiting an island and not discovering the world underneath the bay, the trip isn’t complete yet. While scuba diving, one would be exposed to the most appealing aspect of the sea like the corals, small furry plants, batfish and many other sea creatures. The beaches of the Koh Samet Islands in Pattaya are the perfect places to perform scuba diving and feel lost in the beauty of colourful sea creatures. The activity is always performed under the watch of PADI certified trainers to ensure safe diving.


Best for the beginners wanting to explore the magic of colourful world beneath, they can choose for snorkelling around the unspoilt coral reefs. The not so deep shores of Koh Samet Island filled with corals make snorkelling easy and a fun-filled activity. Explore more locations for snorkelling at the east and west sides of the island where the low waves and tides won’t disturb your time with nature. Let yourself be immersed in the world of these expansive beaches which offers a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of coral reefs and spiny lobsters. 

Jet Skiing

 On the beautiful and cosy beaches like Ao Pahi and Sai Kaew of the Koi Samet Island in Pattaya do offer the adventure of jet skiing. There are a number of shops where all the required equipment of the activity would be available. Feel your adrenaline rush on your vacation on the beaches and ride the powerful waves. The activity can be performed by both beginners and experts alike under the guidance of trainers and guides. 

Canoeing and Kayaking

The remote and mostly less visited beaches would allow the visitors to perform the fun activities like canoeing and kayaking. The eastern shores of the island aren’t rocky and would serve as good spots for the activities. Those looking for more adventure can try exploring the rugged beaches, navigate the beautiful coastlines while bowing the steep currents. Enjoy the scenic beauty while propelling yourself through the waters to explore more beautiful beaches on this Koh Samet Island tour.  


Falling in love with this Koh Samet island tour and wanting to explore the vast waters as much as its beautiful beaches, try sailing through the waters. Embark in your journey from the ideal spot of the Sai Kaew beach where the strong currents and offshore winds would send your ship on a perfect sailing. The lush green scenery with the vibrant reefs makes sailing an unopposable activity to try while you stay on the island.

Riding Sunset Cruise

 It’s impossible to resist the golden shimmers of the setting sun falling across the reflecting water of the sea. The magical view that this sunset cruise would take its visitors to, would be worth the experience. The splendours and heart throbbing beauty of the Koh Samet island in Pattaya would be multi folded in the magnetising beauty of the sunset. Visit the northeast tip of the island at the Na Dan Pier beach to board the unforgettable sunset cruise. 

Deep Sea Fishing

Make fishing an extra exciting activity at this Koh Samet island tour by choosing deep sea fishing. One will encounter a diverse marine species on this tour when they travel towards the middle of the waters. Tourists will get a chance to boast off their fishing skills when they get a chance to bait the exotic fishes like parrotfish, dorado, grouper, trevally, etc. The more venturesome amongst the visitors looking for the best things to do can go on a squid fishing expedition as well. 

ATV Bike Riding

Wanting to explore the whole of the beauty of the island in a short span, rent an ATV bike and set off your expedition. It will also satisfy your thrill by going on an intense adventure of G-force of world-class roller coasters. Explore even the hidden wildlife, beaches and the exotic viewpoints of the secluded parts of the island as you ride your way on ATV bike. The beginners should avoid the activity on the southwards roads where the roads are a bit difficult and unstable.  

Beachside Massage

Alongside the vast oceans, in the baking heat of the sun enjoy a Thai massage to shake off your last night party hangover. The body massages will also trim and tone your muscles therefore one must try a beachside massage on their Koh Samet island tour. Either find yourself a shaded place or carry a blanket or a low stool to enjoy the massage while enjoying a magnificent view of the beach. Do carry a book along as well to enhance the beauty of the place or just hum the lyrics of the rock music on the sunny day. 

Fire Show at Ploy Talay

Stay at the beach till night to enjoy the most chilling and mind-blowing things to do on this Koh Samet island tour. Don’t miss out the Fire Show at Ploy Talay, a restaurant located on Sai Kaew beach renowned for its breath stopping fire show. Enjoy some amazing Thai cuisines at the restaurant while watching the fire play. The restaurant also arranges for a DJ and a live music show by a band, later at 8:30 PM the fire show starts. 


Try out the most chilling adventurous activity of Parasailing on the Koh Smaet island in Pattaya. Stop at Sai Kaew beach where the activity is arranged by full–time service providing operators of parasailing. Feel yourself being lifted up gently in the sky with the sway of air as you start your sailing through. The breathtaking magnificent bird eye view of the pristine beaches and waters of the island would catch your eye as you rise up to a height of over five hundred feets in the air . 


A crazy experience surely would be to go windsurfing against the strong and offshore winds at the northern parts of the island. Windsurfing would take you through the many picturesque beaches on the island that are legendary for valiant visitors wanting for endless fun rides. At the various shope available on the islands one can rent a board to paddle out on the magnificent beaches on this island. Take control of the board as you ride the mighty waves and channelise your inner strength. 

Beaches In Koh Samet Island

A number of beaches on the island not only enhances its ambience but also gives visitors the chance to set off on an exploration journey of their own. On Koh Samet island spend a crazy day on the busy Sai Kaew beach and indulge yourself in various water sports activities. When you get tired, lay under the warmth of the soothing sun on the white sand of Sangwan beach and relax as the cool breeze passes by you.

Sai Kaew Beach

It’s the main and the most beautiful beach of the island where the fine white sand at the shore against the clear and turquoise waters enhances its ambience. The beach has a number of mermaid statues lardmarking its location and serving as the perfect attraction for the visitors looking for a selfie-spot. At the beach there are a number of nice bars on site, various sports activity spaces and much more.

Ao Phai Beach

Separated by the Sai Kaew beach just by a few stones and Koh Samet’s famous statue of the mermaid, the beach is much quieter than the rest. It has been nicknamed as Bamboo Bay, the white sand of the beach against the turquoise sea makes the beauty of the beach a sight to behold. The beach is a perfect place to do activities like swimming and snorkelling as it’s less disturbed by the strong currents. You can aslo rent a kayak or a paddle to explore the waters and the beach in a more serene way.

Ao Prao Beach

 Located on the west coast, the beach is an absolute highlight of the Koh Samet island tour due to its emerald sea, huge palm trees, soft sand and the moist air. Rent your umbrellas and sunbeds to lay down on the shore while enjoying a cool drink by the beach bar. Consider a stay at Le Vimarn Cottages and Spa to extend your beach vacation and spend extra days in this paradise. The beauty of the beach is complemented by the quiet atmosphere, making visitors spend some relaxing hours on the beach. 

Ao Wai Beach

Do visit the beach and feel yourself drowned in the beautiful ambience of Koh Samet Island. The off-white sand contrasts against the turquoise sea with a number of trees along the shore with their large sheds, making this place perfect for sunbathing. The activities like swimming and snorkelling can be best performed on the steep slopes of the beaches. Here, you would find people relaxing on their sunbeds under the sheds of trees and strong waves from the turquoise sea touching the shore. 

Ao Lung Dum Beach

The pride of Koh Samet, the beach is an absolute beauty to be enjoyed. The fine powdered white sand against the turquoise and emerald sea of the Dum beach can be enjoyed from inside of the vicinity of cosy bungalows. These bunglows like at Aapche Loongdum Koh Samed would make visitors comfotable and let them spend more days at the shore. The place is much quieter than the busy beaches like Siam Kaew therefore visitors looking for a relaxing day would find it beautiful here. 

Ao Thian Beach

Breathe in the romantically quaint atmosphere of the beach where the beauty of white sand is complemented by the sounds of the currents of the sea and hum of the winds. In the shaded area of the trees find a hammock to relax down and enjoy a cosy swing too. As you roam around this hidden gem of the island , towards the eastern side beneath the rocks one can also explore snorkelling.

Ao Hin Khok Beach

Located in the vicinity of the main beaches and centre of the island, the beach is still the least discovered one. One can enjoy activities like swimming, snorkelling, and scuba diving along the sloppy shore as it’s less disturbed by the steep currents. Enjoy the crystal clear water against the turquoise blue sky as you lay down on the off-white sand of the beach. Stay at the well equipped rooms of the Avatara resort to experience a delightful stay on the beach.

Ao Wong Duean

The beach gives the most dreamy looks amongst the colourful abodes on the shore complemented by the fine sand while the sea reflects different shades of blue. The green canopy of the shore against the deep blue shade of sky makes the beach even more dreamier. It would be sad if one doesn’t explore a range of activities like scuba diving and parasailing on this beach during their Koh Samet island tour, as they offer one of the most clean waters.

Ao Cho Beach

Perform activities like parasailing, canyoning, kayaking and jet skiing in the turquoise sea where one would spend an unforgettable vacation on Koh Samet. Along the sandy beaches find yourself a few cosy restaurants and enjoy at a quaint beach bar while appreciating the wonderful ambience of the sea. Stay at the Ao Cho Grandview Hideaway Resort and enjoy the magnificent sunrises and sunsets over the waters. 

Location-The 6.5 kilometres long island is located about the eastern Gulf coast of Thailand. 

Best Time To Visit- The best time to visit Koh Samet island is the same as that of visiting Bangkok which is around the months of November to May when the climate conditions are suitable to perform a number of water activities. 

How To Reach

By Public transport

- To reach the island one can board a public bus, minibus, or private taxi southeast from Bangkok to Nuan Thip Pier. As you reach Ban Phe just outside of Rayong take a ferry to leave for the island. 

- One can also take a larger bus at eastern bus terminal in Kamai, Bangkok. The bus departs from the bus terminal every 90 minutes until 05:00 PM.  

- Once in Ban Phe, board a ferry leaving for the island every 45- minute. Some of the resorts run large speed boats that cut the travel time in half. 

- A minivan from Koh Chang island leaves every few minutes which will take you to Koh Samet island in 10 or 15 minutes. Board the minivan to embark on your Koh Samet Island tour.

- Take the Koh Samet island tour between October- April when the seas are calm so that visitors can perform more and more water activities. 

- To avoid mosquitos bites apply repellents during dawn and dusk. 

- Koh Samet doesn’t have its own source of freshwater therefore it’s expected of the visitors to use water judiciously. 

- Keep applying your sunscreen to keep yourself protected from the sun rays while laying down on the shore. 

- Wear comfortable and flowy clothing as the place is high with humidity.


How far is Koh Samet Island from Pattaya?

Koh Samet island is about 73.8 km from the city of Pattaya. One can take the bus from Pattaya to Rayong 138, then take a songthaew from Rayong Bus Terminal to Ban Phe from there a fast ferry would take you to the island. 

What is the best time to visit Koh Samet Island?

The best time to plan your Koh Samet island tour is around the months of November to May when the weather conditions are perfectly suitable to explore beaches of the island.

What makes Koh Samet Island so famous?

A number of beaches with different kinds of explorations to offer make the island so famous. It offers different sports activities to do on its beaches like scuba diving, parasailing, etc. Its beaches offer amazing ambience, while some are less crowded and others more the beaches are perfectly suitable to all types of crowd. There are beautiful hotels for a cosy stay, a number of bars serving cool drinks and restaurants where delicacies of seafood are served the best. 

Are there certified trainers to guide us for water activities in Koh Samet Island?

Yes, the PADI certified trainers are always present and accompany visitors to help them perform various water activities. 

Is it safe for beginners to do water activities on Koh Samet Island?

Yes, beginners can start exploring seas through activities like swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving and others under the watch of PADI certified trainers. At some beaches of the island the shores aren’t much deeper, beginners can ask their trainers to begin their journey there. 

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